Double Pedestal Manual Adjustable Stand Desk


Work Up Double Pedestal Manual Adjustable Stand Desk

MSRP $499.99

  • Improved Dual Shock Design for Smooth, Quiet Operation
  • Sliding Keyboard Tray
  • Height range 29.5” TO 45.7”
  • Wood Table top 47.2”W x 23.6”D x .7” Thick
  • Great for the office, home office
  • Cable Cutout
  • Can Hold Tower COand Multiple Monitors
  • Product Dims: 47.2”W x 23.6”D x 29.5”H 63 lbs
  • Ship Dims: 50”W x 33”D x 7.3”H 75lbs

The new Work Up Dual Pedestal Desk will help not only increase your office productivity but help improve your posture and promote overall wellness in the workplace.

Studies have shown that prolonged sitting can lead to sore and aching back and other issues over time. The Work Up Dual Pedestal can be adjusted to a comfortable chair height or raise the pedestal our unique shock raising system which is similar to our desktop sit to stand desk which will raise the desk to a full standing position.

This replaces the old cumbersome "crank" system The spacious 50" x 31" work space can easily hold a laptop and/or large monitor. The height range is adjustable from 29.5” for sitting to 48.5” for standing. Work Up to greater productivity and feel better today with a work up stand desk

Owners Manual